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"Ontario's South Coast has been called many things including the Ontario Riviera, Blue Water Country and the Lake Erie Coast" Jim Fox, London Free Press

  Long Point has claimed over 400 ships wrecked or sunk with their treasures lost or stolen, thus the moniker "Gold Coast" one of many names anointing the area over the centuries.

Turkey Point on Lake Erie,

Ontario's South Coast

Turkey Point Map below


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Turkey Point Ontario from the air, looking east towards Port Dover along the shores of Lake Erie, off of Norfolk County   Turkey Point beach Ontario from the air, looking down near Turkey Point Hotel on the shores of Lake Erie, off of Norfolk County

 Turkey Point beach west end overlooking Turkey Point Marina, on the shores of Lake Erie, off of Norfolk County  Turkey Point beach Ontario, looking east along the shores of Lake Erie,in Norfolk County  

  aerial photograph of Turkey Point beach ontario, looking east along the shore of Lake Erie in Norfolk County   the back of Turkey Point Marina, looking out towards Lake Erie from Norfolk County  

     Bait Island in the foreground, off of the west end of Turkey Point Beach  

      surise off Turkey Point Beach    Back to the beginning 

The past is a great place and I don't want to erase it or to regret it, but I don't want to be its prisoner either. 

 Mick Jagger


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Port Dover, Turkey Point, Long Point

Map of Turkey Point

map of Turkey Point Beach Ontario, Lake Erie in Norfolk County

Beach People Vs Swamp People is not pretending to know all the details of the clash between those that want to keep the sand and those who want a swamp (bulrushes) on Turkey Point Beach.

What we are merely doing is making an observation from looking at the above photograph.

The area in question in the above photograph of Turkey Point Beach is on the lake side, between  Cedar Street and Lake Erie. Since the Provincial Government took over that area a few years ago they have nurtured, or allowed to grow,  the swamp/bulrushes occupying 6 - 10 acres (guessing)

The question has to be asked: Why?

As one can see from the photograph, Turkey Point beach is surrounded by swamp/bulrushes somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 -300 acres (guessing).

If the reason for allowing  the swamp to grow is environmental/ecological  then everyone should understand how that would apply to Turkey Point Beach, considering the obvious imbalance of beach versus swamp.

If you or anyone you know could enlighten the readers, it would be very appreciated.


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